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Brett Pechersky


March 4, 2020

Struggling to find out what type of insurance is best suited to you and your family? Where should you even begin? At Berer Financial, we offer full service insurance services to our clients, and have for over 20 years.


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Financial Planning

How to Inherit Money

Creating Income from your Inheritance. Some people start to think about a beach house, others about retirement. But following your impulses can lead to a squandered inheritance. Life isn't like the movies, so most people know they are the beneficiaries of a will or life insurance policy long before they receive a dime. Putting a proper plan in place now could be the cornerstone of building wealth and income that can last generations.

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Financial Planning

Recession Planning

Recessions are difficult for investors. Regardless of short term volatility, your investment strategy should not change. You can use market downturns to your advantage. Continue saving and investing, revise your budget if necessary, but stay focused on your long term goals.

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Financial Planning

Strategies to Combat a Bear Market

Bear markets are a major reason that people shy away from investing. But with a proper strategy in place, and the right guidance, market downturns don't have to be a source of fear –they simply become a necessary part of any healthy market cycle.

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