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Anyone can become a Seasoned Investor, provided they are willing to put in the time. One of the best ways to accumulate wealth during your lifetime is through sound investing in the stock market. But how do you make sound investments? It's not luck, and it certainly isn't something you'll read in a book or hear in a podcast.

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Throughout my career as one of Pittsburgh’s top financial advisors, I’ve met with plenty of people who have successfully accumulated wealth through sound investing, but are now concerned about losing it due to volatility.  I’ve observed that it’s a blend of experience, patience, and practice that separates the players from the played.

In short, they don’t have any secrets or insider strategy. They’re simply seasoned investors. And that’s what you can become too.

In my seminar, we treat things a little differently. We don’t cover basics (go buy a book). We don’t get too technical (you won’t become a quant). And you won’t just sit back and be lectured to (we expect participation). What you will do is learn how the market works, how to choose mutual funds and stocks (and how long to hold them), and how to conduct fundamental & technical analyses that can help you build an investment trading system designed to build wealth, and protect it too.

I’ve done it for my clients, and now I’m teaching everyone how to do it themselves. If you adopt the principles in my seminar, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what makes the market work, and a feeling of control in an otherwise open sea of media-controlled volatility.

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